Oceans Restaurant

COcktail Bar

  • Pina colada: Rum, pineapple and coconut milk.Classic or granita.12,00€
  • Mojito: Rum, lime, mint, sugar and soda.Classic, strawberry, mango or passion fruit.12,00€
  • Daiquiri: Rum, lime and sugar.Classic, strawberry, mango or passion fruit.12,00€
  • Caipirinha: Cachaça, sugar and lime.Classic, strawberry, mango or passion fruit.12,00€
  • Whisky Sour: Whiskey, citrus, egg white and soda.12,00€
  • Margarita: Tequila, lime, cointreau, salt.Classic or granita.12,00€
  • Moskow Mule: Vodka, lime, ginger beer, mint, angostura.12,00€
  • Porn Star Martini: Vodka, passoa, vanilla, passion fruit and orange.12,00€
cocktail bar
cocktail bar
  • Bloody Mary: Vodka, lemon, tomato, salt, Worcester, Tabasco, pepper and celery.12,00€
  • Cosmopolitan: Vodka, Cointreau, lime and cranberry juice.12,00€
  • Expresso Martini: Vodka, khalua, coffee and vanilla.12,00€
  • Aperol Spritz: Aperol, prosecco and soda.12,00€
  • Negroni: Gin, Campari and red vermouth12,00€
  • Mallorca Dream: Gin, passion fruit, lime, lemon, tonic and ginger beer12,00€
  • Cheesecake: Limoncello, vanilla, lemon, apple juice and orange juice12,00€




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